Arsene Wenger once again have to answer questions

Arsene Wenger once again have to answer questions about his team being able to compete in the Premier League title race.

Arsenal have faltered to deceive on numerous occasions when it came to winning the title. The team has never had the mental toughness – in the last decade – to go the distance, but Wenger has always been positive. The Frenchman once again expressed these attributes after his team leapfrogged Manchester City and United to go top of the table after a well-deserved victory over Everton. The gunners were expecting a tough encounter at the Emirates stadium, but it turned out to be a very good week for Wenger and his men.

After managing an unimaginable 2-0 win over Bayern Munich only a few days ago, Arsenal have achieved this victory that sees them top of the table. Even though this celebration may be premature with City and United going face-to-face on Sunday, Arsenal can enjoy in the fact that their season is on the right track for the time being. The Champions League campaign also looks in revival mode after this win over title favourites Bayern. A big challenge for the gunners will be coming in the next few weeks as their next three games are away from home.

"What is the most important for me is to continue to develop as a team, to feel that we grow in the quality of our game.We have maybe a better discipline. People reproached us many times, 'Okay, Arsenal play football but they are a bit fragile'.Before, maybe, when we were not dominating completely the game, we were a bit insecure. On Tuesday night, Bayern had a lot of the ball, but we could handle that. We are more mature, for sure. Two years ago we were top of the league for a long time,” said Wenger.