Carlos Tevez may not get selected for National Team

Carlos Tevez was once the darling of the Argentina national team, but he has been on the fringes of the national team selection for the last few years.

Lionel Messi has been able to take his place, although there was initial resistance towards this move from the supporters. Messi was seen as a traitor at Argentina after having left as a youngster for Barcelona. There were even rumours that Messi thought about playing for the Spanish national team. Tevez, however, played in Argentina for most of his youth before moving to European football with West Ham.

It was not surprising that Tevez was selected for much of the national team matches when Messi was still making his name at Barcelona. Since making his debut for the national team in 2004, Tevez has featured in 76 matches but most of these appearances came before Messi came to prominence as the national team level. Ever since Messi appeared on the international stage, Tevez has been pushed aside. This led to rumours about a friction between the two, although they have constantly denied this aspect. As he continues to wait for a call to the national team, Tevez has lauded Messi as a player from another planet.

Tevez is yet to appear for the national team in 2016, but he continues to be available for selection. "Just as you are surprised by him, sometimes he also surprises us. There is no player at his level. It seems like he is playing a different sport. It is easy to play with Messi but difficult at the same time because he is someone you can't understand. He is 'not-understandable.' He plays something else, whereas we are all playing football.Messi is beyond everyone,” said the Argentina striker. Tevez has scored only 13 goals in his national career.