A Carlos Vela transfer away from Real Sociedad seems unlikely

For a price tag of €2 million, Real Sociedad managed to secure the services of the Mexican winger Carlos Vela in a transfer that was confirmed on August of 2012.

Carlos Vela has turned out to be one of the best signings of all time for Real Sociedad as the Mexican performer is a standout player who has been named as the best player of the club on 2 occasions.

Carlos Vela was named as the best player of Real Sociedad for the season of 2011-12 and of 2013-14. He has consistently made over 30 appearances in almost every single season since joining the Spanish club a few years ago.

It´s hard to deny the fact that Carlos Vela is one of the most talented players not only for his club but also for his national side Mexico as he is regularly contributing in the international stage as well as club level.

Arsene Wenger has received negative comments from Arsenal supporters after he offloaded Carlos Vela for a low fee of €3 million.

Now that the summer transfer window is wide open, there is a chance of seeing Carlos Vela join another club and leave Real Sociedad but realistically speaking, it does not seem like it`s not going to happen.

West Ham is a club that has recently been linked with Carlos Vela as the English outfit attempted to sign the Mexican player back on 2015 but the transfer eventually crashed and now it´s rumored that the English Premier League is once again interested in securing the services of the highly-rated winger.

If reports are indeed true, West Ham United had offered Carlos Vela around £21.4 million back in 2015 which was enough to meet his release clause but the player himself did not want to make a move away from Real Sociedad and West Ham might have to launch another offer around that same amount just to tempt him to leave Real Sociedad.