Carlos Vela wants to join Chivas but it might not happen

Carlos Vela has a contract with Real Sociedad which extends until June 30 of 2018 but the 28 year old Mexican winger has recently voiced his desire to make a move to Chivas but despite his eagerness on joining Chivas, it seems highly unlikely that a transfer will happen anytime soon.

It was actually with Guadalajara or the more popularly known club: Chivas that Carlos Vela initiated his playing career but he couldn’t make any appearances for Chivas due to the fact that Arsenal signed Vela at the age of 16.

In a recent interview, Carlos Vela expressed his ambition to make a return to Guadalajara and actually play some matches this time around as the Mexican footballer said:

´´Nobody from Guadalajara (Chivas) has called me but someday I would like to make my return, it´s from there that I emerged. It´s always good to leave the doors open and I think that I did leave it opened so if the opportunity ever rises for me to come back, I would definitively take it into consideration´´

Unfortunately for Carlos Vela, it does not appear like the head chiefs of Guadalajara aren’t interested in signing the Mexican attacker as the Group Managing Director of the Omnilife Group; Jose Luis Heguera said that Vela isn’t one of the summer targets of Guadalajara.

The Omnilife Group is a Mexico-based multi-level marketing company that owns Guadalajara and Jose Luis Heguera is their Managing Director and he denied their interest in signing Carlos Vela as Heguera said:

´´MatiasAlmeyda (the head coach of Guadalajara) has not called him up or displayed any real interest. Carlos Vela is in Europe and we have not even had any contact with him´´