David Moyes has showered a lot of praise on striker Carlos Vela

Real Sociedad manager David Moyes has showered a lot of praise on striker Carlos Vela and has stated that the Mexican international is not going anywhere.

Vela rose to prominence with Premier League club Arsenal but he has really shined at Real Sociedad. Even though his performances last season were not up to the mark, he is slowly starting to establish himself and starting to make sure that he makes every game counts. Speaking ahead of the game with Sporting Gijon, the former Manchester United manager says that he will make sure that Vela stays at the club beyond the transfer window.

The final few days of the transfer window will be an extremely nervous moment for Real Sociedad since the club would not want to lose one of their prized assets. The striker could be introduced to a return to the Premier league where he had the bulk of his career in Europe. There are also suggestions that some Mexican clubs are looking to tempt him with a return to the homeland. Vela has been in and out of the Mexican national team over the last few years and his return to Mexico will be an attempt to pacify the disgruntled supporters of the national team.

"Yes, definitely. He’ll be a Real Sociedad player. As I said, he’s a very important player for us. I want to try to get him in good condition, physical good condition.He played for Mexico not too long ago, but we’re trying to make sure we can get Carlos as good as we can because he can make the difference. He can be someone who makes a difference in games. But as far as I’m concerned, Carlos Vela is staying at Real Sociedad. Carlos [did] much better than I expected last week,” said Moyes.