The former Mexican great Hugo Sanchez has said that he feels that the former Arsenal striker Carlos Vela might be the best Mexican players of all. The Mexican striker failed to establish himself at Arsenal, which led to loan deals to a number of Spanish clubs over the years.

At the start of the season, he permanently sealed the transfer to the Spanish club Real Sociedad. Despite not being first-team regulars at the club, Hugo Sanchez reveals that he regards Carlos Vela to be the best Mexican player. There are a number of contenders for this position including the Manchester United striker Javier Hernandez.

Sanchez believes that one of the things that sets Carlos Vela apart from the likes of Javier Hernandez is the fact that he is a complete player. He not only has a lot of talent, but also plenty of quality as well. Sanchez thinks that Carlos Vela can make a much bigger impact in the game due to his bigger personality and talent than Hernandez. Sanchez recently took over at Pachuca hoping to make a big impact at the club. However, the club have failed to get to the next stage of the competition and have been unable to participate in the knockout stages in the postseason. Sanchez is hoping things improve next season onwards.

“The theme of Carlos Vela, he’s a player with lots of talent and quality. But in Mexico he doesn’t have the sympathy or following that Chicharito gets. But if you force me to choose, Vela is a player who for his impact, character and personality is really garnering attention. Pachuca is industrializing football. Not just football-wise, but also in terms of education and culture, which is fantastic. I don’t know of any other team in the world that has what Pachuca does,” said Sanchez.