Carlos Vela had a disappointing year. The nine game run that he had in June/July was the only time he played consistently in a season ravaged by recurring minor injuries. The Mexican was hoping for better fortunes than the one he had in 2020, but things didn’t exactly work as planned for the LA man.

Vela has a sad story with minor injuries, he has always been plagued with it enough he had some freedom in 2018 and 2019. Vela started 2021 on the back of an injury that he picked up towards the end of 2020. The highlight of his injury crisis was in a game where Vela injured himself, signaled to be removed, changed his mind, only for him to fall down almost immediately. He spent weeks on the sideline after this.

The only time he managed to get a consistent run of games, we were reminded as to why he would always be remembered by the MLS fans as he scored five goals and assisted a further four goals in nine games. Only for Vela to be injured again, and spend the rest of the season nursing this particular injury.

Vela did manage to make a total of 20 appearances in 2021, starting 15 with the 5 appearances coming from injury layoffs. He scored five goals, while contributing six assists all year. In spite of the poor returns, LAFC would have easily made the playoffs if their star man was available for most games.

It is another year, and while those at LAFC would be praying for Vela to stay fit. There’s also the manner of a contract extension to worry about. Though he has never made any statement that suggests he could leave, the problem is that he doesn’t look like staying either. It would make a whole lot of sense if the contract issue is resolved before the season starts proper.