In a recent interview, Carlos Vela has said that he does not want to stay in Arsenal. Vela explained that he wants to stay in the Spanish League. This particular striker from Mexico came to Arsenal as a loan on Real Sociedad. He has spoken to the officials and also to his agent about the fact that he does not want to stay back in Arsenal team.

When asked to the official of Arsenal team, they said they are not at all disappointed with Vela’s present performance. Arsenal manager has also added that Vela plays the perfect role of a striker on the field. He is very calm at moments but during crucial moments of the game he knows how to place the ball in opponent’s goal.

The young talent from Mexico has many days of football play left in him. This phase of his career is the early phase and in that he has showed quite a great performance.

In the year 2006, Carlos Vela joined Gunners. He has made sixty appearances for the Gunners. The most disappointing fact is that despite of performing well on the field; Vela could not become a regular candidate in the Arsenal team. Sociedad has kept Vela as loan on Arsenal. He has to continue playing in Arsenal until the deal payment is made.

Carlos Vela says that he desperately wants to become a regular player on the field. But, Arsene of Arsenal has explained that there are many big names waiting on the bench. So, he is going to use a particular player according to the need of the match.

From all the in formations, it is quite clear that Vela is not at all enjoying his days in Arsenal. But when he has been given a chance to prove himself, he is utilizing the opportunity to its fullest.